Silver Key Chests – Fable 3 Guide

Silver Key Chests – Fable 3 Guide

Silver Key Chests – Fable 3 Guide

Here is a complete list of Silver Key Chest locations in Fable 3. Collect Silver Keys to open the

Fable 3 Silver Key Locations Brightwall Village

Making finding the keys a little bit easier! &i completely messed up! so sorry for that! i fixed it! when i said 4 i meant 5 and i put the other in! whenever you pick up the one at the house of cluck it takes you back to the bridge so you can go to the right like i said before! sorry! next one won’t be so sloppy!

have also done:

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Fable 3 Mourningwood Silver Keys

Mourningwood silver key locations.

#1 – Outside Mourningwood fort, slightly to the right of the main track is a boarded up area, break the boards to collect the key.
#2 – Quest “Gone But Not Forgotten” is required. Go into the Ossuary (Place where you went for that quest) and the 4th crypt on the right which is open has the key.
#3 – From #4, go up the main stairs, instead of going right go left and drop down the ledge, turn around and the key is there.
#4 – Just outside the eco village, leaving the village turn right and go behind some ruins where the key is.

Fable 2 – Silver Key Chest Locations

This video should sum up the locations of each silver key chest in the game starting in Bower Lake and ending in Fairfax Castle.

Silver Key Locations:

If you need more help finding the Silver Chests check out the wiki:

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Fable 3 – Last Silver Key | 50key Chest INSIDE!!!

Showing you the last silver key and the Achievement for getting all the keys.
Also showing what’s inside the last silver key chest!!!

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