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Pokemon Sword

Everything you need to know about Pokemon Sword.

A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke, But I RANDOMIZED EVERYTHING

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How I Survived a RANDOMIZED Nuzlocke of Pokemon Sword

In this video I take on a randomized nuzlocke of Pokemon Sword. Randomizing nuzlockes gives the player that extra level of difficulty that you really look for out of a pokemon challenge. Pokemon sword is especially fun when randomized and this nuzlocke was one of my favorite pokemon challenges I’ve done in a long time.

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Since a lot of people typically avoid spoilers around the game’s release, I always like to wait a bit and then release the supercut! Pokémon Sword / Shield was a super fun journey and I’m excited to make more content for the game. 😀
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Pokemon Sword Hardcore Nuzlocke But i Can Only Use Raid Den Encounters!

Today I take on pokemon sword but i can only use the biggest pokemon of them, all raid den encounters! Let’s see if we can defeat the galar region and the CHAMPION Leon in a hardcore nuzlocke.

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Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke, But SURPRISE TRADE Decides my Team

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Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke, but SURPRISE TRADE Decides my Team

In this video I take on a Pokemon Sword nuzlocke but surprise trade decides my whole team. Is it possible to beat this hardcore pokemon challenge using only surprise traded pokemon? Only one way to find out….

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