Castlevania Advance Collection – Bundle Guide

Castlevania Advance Collection – Bundle Guide

Castlevania Advance Collection – Bundle Guide

Celebrate some of the greatest games in this gothic horror franchise with the Castlevania Advance Collection. In addition to the three legendary Castlevania

Castlevania: Advance Collection

Castlevania ADVANCE Collection Playthrough

How to get THE BEST WEAPON of the game [Castlevania Advance Collection – Aria of Sorrow]

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Castlevania Advance Collection is available on all platforms, links below:

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➔ Here’s the Playlist for my 100% Souls/Map Walkthrough:
Hello guys! Since Konami just released the Castlevania Advance Collection with one of my favorite games of all time I decided to do a video showing you how to get THE BEST WEAPON in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow as soon as possible, so you can have an easier time with the game, I’m talking about the Claimh Solais, it gives you an absurd amount of stats, great range and attack speed, really broken to be honest.

Hope it’s helpful for you all playing the Advance Collection right now, it’s available on all platforms and hopefully enough people buy it so we can get a Castlevania DS Collection next (Pleaseee Konami!!).
Thank you for watching (and reading this far), if you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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One of my all-time favorite game series has arrived in a beautifully emulated collection that is a must-have for Castlevania fans!

Castlevania Advance Collection – 100% Achievement Hunt Day 1

We’re playing through all of Castlevania Advance Collection





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